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The premiere of „Trail of Hope"

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

„Trail of hope. The Anders Army, an Odyssey Across Three Continents " is a unique position in historical achievement of prof. Davies. From the one point of view it is a historian’s story about how the Sikorski-Majski agreement in  1941 had made it possible to create the Polish Armed Forces in the USSR, a fact which saved tens of thousands Polish soldiers and civilians from labor camps or staying in a foreign land. We are following route of almost 120 000 of Poles, who took their exceptional journey from the Gulag of Siberia through the Middle East to reach Bologna, Italy, and then many other countries. On the other hand it is a unique and very personal story told by participants of this epic and their descendants, story kept not only in words. Prof. Davies, along with photographer Janusz Rosikoń traveled the world meeting with its heroes, gathering their tales as well as unique unpublished photographs and first-hand accounts. In the book one can also read stories that were sending directly on  website by the Anders army soldiers together with their loved ones . "Trail of Hope" is an extremely richly illustrated testimony of those times and written record of extraordinary history which has been fully discovered years later.