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Other Books

Poland, Past and Present. A Select Bibliography of Works in English (1977) 

In the absence of any bibliography which English-speaking students of Polish History could use, I assembled lists of books and articles according to historical periods and thematic subjects. In all, over 1000 titles were collected, and the guide remained as a valuable aid until the arrival of the Internet. 

ISBN 10: 0892500115
ISBN 13: 9780892500116

Sobieski's Legacy: Polish history 1683-1983 (1983)

On the 300th anniversary of the Ottoman Siege of Vienna, the School of Slavonic and East European Studies organised a commemorative conference, which opened with the first MB Grabowski Lecture. The text of the lecture was published alongside a selection of historical documents translated by Boleslaw Mazur.

ISBN 10: 0901149276
ISBN 13: 9780901149275

The Jews in Eastern Europe and the USRR 1939-1946 (1991)

This collection of essays was edited with my good friend and colleague, Anthony Polonsky.  Anthony did most of the editing, while  I wrote most of the long introduction. Both of us were convinced of the need to bring together the widely scattered information about the Jewish experience in different countries of the region.

ISBN 10: 0312062001
ISBN 13: 9780312062002

Auschwitz and the Second World War (1997) 

The origin of this booklet lay in a lecture presented at a summer conference held in the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. During the Cold War, many Westerners had suffered from misconceptions both about the Nazi concentration camps at Auschitz and about their essential wartime context in German occupied Poland, and the lecture attempted to address the misunderstandings in short order.

ISBN 10: 8370529356
ISBN 13: 9788370529352

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