Following the publication of the paperback edition of "Vanished Kingdoms" in October 2011, I found myself without a new British publishing contract for the first time in forty years. Part of the problem lay with the impending merger of two of my major publishers, Penguin Books and Random House. Nonetheless, I am confident that my agent, David Godwin, will succeed in securing a new contract before very long.

Fortunately, while I wait for the situation in London to clarify, my Polish publishers ZNAK are pressing on with a long list of proposals.  The first book to see the light of day, hopefully in the first half of 2013, will be a “wywiad rzeka”, an extended autobiographical interview of some 300 pages, for which my own preferred title would be "Gawęda Autobiograficzna". All the interviews have been completed with Maciej Gablankowski and Joanna Illg, and the text is in the editing process. After that, I intend to return to my study of Galicia, which appeared in shortened form as a chapter in Vanished Kingdoms and which I hope to re-work and to embellish with numerous illustrations. Third on the list will be a collection of essays and sketches which were inspired by my recent round-the-world tour. The working title is "Europe Faraway / Europa Daleko". The essays contain titles such as “European History as perceived by non-Europeans” and “Mainstream and Non-Mainstream History”.

Beyond that, several book proposals are fermenting in my head. One would be a photographic album, "Szlak Nadziei", about the epic journey of the Anders Army (to be published in conjunction with Rosikon Press) and the other a volume on the history of the Southern Levant, a region that has long aroused my interest.